Tesla applying for a catering trademark Mask is spending yourself or regaining dreams?

Tesla applying for a catering trademark Mask is spending yourself or regaining dreams?

From the original rocket, car to later energy storage, encrypted currency, even drink, shorts, Tesla or said that its CEO Eron Mask is always unusual road. Even if the car has become the main business of Tesla, Mask’s hand stretches to other fields.

According to the website of the US Patent Logo, Tesla has submitted three new trademark applications, covering a drink industry related services such as takeaway catering services, autonomous catering services, flash restaurant services. According to foreign media reports, these three trademarks are “Tesla”, “T” identification and “Tesla” graphicalization. At present, the trademark has been accepted by the US Patent Trademark Office, but did not assign an examiner, which is expected to be reviewed by lawyers around August 27.

This is not Tesla for the first time “Do not work”, before this sold agave, shorts and looted, even fried encrypted currency and therefore benefited much. Under the powerful personal IP of Mask, Tesla seems to have anyone to pay for it. Recently, Tesla is also eyeing the catering industry, and the more far on the road “Do not work”.

It is worth noting that it is reported that the EV Sales website data shows that Tesla Model 3 is only delivered to 1244 in Europe, and the 280,000 units in March fell more than 95%. In the Chinese market, Tesla sales in Tesla were 25,800, of which 14,200,000 were exported, and domestic delivery was more than 67% compared with 11,600 vehicles. In the middle, the European market is lost, Tesla is still the right to work? Or do you have any ideas?

Continuously orthogonal Mask is consumed?

The idea of ​​Mask has always been pondered, and there will always be some new products while making the car and the rocket.

On July 3, last July 3, Masque, Twitter, “To give Tesla to the empty shorts. Now, he will come to honor his own promise.” Then, on July 6, it also said on Twitter, short-selling version of shorts officially launched Tesla store. The same as Mask has promised, bright red fabrics, with golden Tesla logo, and the back is printed with “S3ey”, which represents the 4 models of Tesla Model series.

This shorts are unusually hot, less than 3 minutes, Tesla’s official website has collapsed due to excessive number, and 30,000 people will participate in the purchase of shorts after the next 30 minutes. Pricing $ 69.420 “value” shorts, by Tesla, have to say that Mask and Tesla IP are indeed powerful.

In addition, in November last year, Tesla launched the same brand tequila in its official website. This wine was snapped up in a few hours. This wine outside is a glass wine bottle of lightning shape. A bottle of wine is 750 ml, 50% of alcohol, $ 250 (approximately RMB 1657), more official prices than a bottle of Feitian Maotai high. This tequila will be delivered at the end of 2020, and is currently only sold in the United States, and the buyer must be 21 years old and is limited to two bottles.

In fact, Tesla sales of tequila was just a joke when Mask was on April Fool’s Day. 2018 Fool’s Day, Mask released a photo on social media. He leaned on Model 3 and held a cardboard. The “Teslaquilla” is “Teslaquilla”. Bottle of wine).

Previously Mask has also sold the spray gun, surfboards, all have high attention. From the experience of several Tesla cross-borders, it is really selling a fire, and the above products are mostly from one sentence or joke in Masque. Perhaps Mask is using his powerful personal IP to create additional income for Tesla car, of course, this may be undressed.

Whether to enter the catering

From selling a fire gun, surfboard to sell wine, shorts, Tesla a few cross-borders can almost identify as “not working”, but Tesla is still not entrepreneurial.

In fact, Tesla entered the catering industry has been paving in 2017. At that time, Stefurbel, who was a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), was expressed in a meeting, and Tesla may enter the catering industry. The original intention of this idea is to turn the electric vehicle charging station into a convenience store that provides a full range of services while also providing food.

In 2018, Tesla CEO Mask has expressed his idea to enter the catering industry, indicating that it is planned to build a “old-fashioned car, skating and rock restaurant” in a super charging station in Los Angeles. The project applied for construction in Santa Monica, California after a few months, but the project was postponed for three years, until this year was re-submitted again. However, this submission is not a re-submission of the restaurant project, but a new construction application, including the world’s largest super charging station.

So, if Tesla enters the catering industry, it is to build a charging station while doing a dining, and regain the dream of Mask’s 2018, this is not undressed. It is worth mentioning that in the United States, Tesla is some super chargery set in the store or next to the restaurant, such as the super charging station of the California Beaumont at the entrance of In-N-Out Hamburg, many owners inserted after the charging gun Going in and returning to the car, this superchart is also a high evaluation. If Tesla’s decision is not only to enter the catering industry, but the model of “catering + charging station” is the model of Tesla. Is this cross-border?

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