Buy a luxury car, don’t you pay the IQ?

Buy a luxury car, don’t you pay the IQ?

One of the problems that the automotive industry will often be asked: the luxury car is not a IQ tax, that is, the purchase of a luxury car is a change of IQ?

If you simply answer this question, the answer is like Schrödinger’s cat, yes, but not.

The following aspects come back to this question from the following aspects:

1 luxury car is a IQ tax

2 How many cars taxes?

3 rich people do not fatigue

4 luxury cars are not IQ tax

A total of 2600 words totaled in full text, about 5 minutes.

Part 01 luxury car is an IQ tax

I originally wanted to pass the car home, and the most classic models were contracted. Helpless pictures were too big, and they steal a lazy, directly said that the good things can go home detailed comparison.

AUDIQ5 and Porsche Macan, Volkswagen Touareg and Porsche Cayan, Toyota Camry and Lexus ES, carefully contrast, you are surprisingly found that there is almost no difference between the brand and shape, the core engine / transmission / body size / suspension structure.

In other words, a domestic Q5 and the mainstream domestic Q5 and the Porsche Macan, which are 2 million, the kernel is neither different.

However, due to the image of Porsche, consumers need more than double “IQ”, or this is “brand premium”.

Volkswagen and the Audiq5 / Porsche Macan and Cayan / Lamborghini URUS / Bentley are from the mass MLB platform, the same platform can cover 5 brands, the products we mentioned in China from about 350,000 Audiq5 until 3 million Lamborghini URUS.

This aspect shows the power of the automotive industry platform strategy, and on the other hand, the brand premium generated by the brand and consumer cognition.

PART 02 luxury car tax

We use the Mercedes-Benz S400 luxury Type of 1058,800 in China as an example to measure the taxes paid by consumers.

Integrated tax rate in automotive import link: (tariff tax rate + consumption tax rate + value-added tax rate + tariff rate * VAT value) / (1-consumption tax rate)

Among them, the tariff tax rate is 15%, the value-added tax rate is 13%, the consumption tax rate and the vehicle displacement are closely related. If the S400 displacement is 2999 ml, the corresponding consumption tax rate is 12% (if the displacement is a little bit to 3001 ml, the corresponding consumption tax The tax rate is 25%, so you know why this displacement is 3999 ml).

This way we calculate the comprehensive tax rate corresponding to S400:

(15% + 12% + 13% + 15% * 13%) / (1-12%) = 47.67%, in fact, this is still the comprehensive tax rate payable by importers, of course, these ultimately go to the consumer head.

The same model, the retail price of Europe is around 80,000 euros, equivalent to RMB 630,000, assuming to the dealer reserved 10% more gross profit space, plus freight insurance, etc., according to 10,000, declaration price 63 * 90% + 1 = 580,000, the import link corresponds to 58 * 47.67% = 276,000, so that the cost after the tax payment is around 850,000.

Consumers bought this S400 for retail 10.588 million, requiring VAT (105.88-85) / (1 + 13%) * 13% = 24,000 * 13% = 24,000

Vehicle purchase tax 105.88 / (1 + 13%) * 10% = 93,600

In this way, the luxury S400 of the new car landed on the new car is about 400,000 taxes.

As for which super luxury / sports car, the consumption tax rate is increased to 40%, and the integrated tax rate is 116.58%, that is, if the import declaration price is 1 million, the import payment shall pay 11.658 million.

It can be seen that the luxury cars, especially large displacement cars, consumers have indeed paying a large silver.

Why is the PART 03 rich?

In this case, my a civilian can make a clear account, I want to come to the rich people, and why is the smart and rich rich people?

The following purely thought, if it is not in line with the idea of ​​the rich, please ask yourself.

One is the identity label, even if there is money, you can’t tie the big bundle of renminbi, tell others how much you do, and then say that it is neither safe, it is inconvenient. But a luxury car, the mountain does not leak, to declare your wealth, attracting envy unlimited (respect for demand).

Second, for the rich, wealth increases the decline in marginal utility.

From the perspective of my first civilian, 1 million is a big number, there are a lot of places that need to spend money, such as the mortgage / child reading, etc.

But for the rich, basic demand and consumption have been met, 1 million is only a number of book wealth added. These numbers only bring new marginal utilities and value only when these numbers are transformed into some new consumption such as luxury cars / yachts / private aircraft.

Standing at this perspective, recently those who returned to the second line have stated that they should comply with the inner wishes. In the back, it is necessary to invest more time and energy in the “life science / rural education / social welfare charity”, and cannot save It is also the case of pursuing its value in the case of rapid increase in wealth. It is also the choice of human logic. Simply put, these “IQ Tax” we think is necessary, valuable and payable for rich people.

In the peak hours of the Magical Emperor, Mercedes and Ben, Bentley and Xili (estimated that many children didn’t know this brand), when the turtle faster, as a transportation, I really didn’t think Mercedes-Benz and Bentley. Advantage.

Just, luxury cars are more than just a travel vehicle.

Part 04 luxury cars are not IQ

Safety equipment such as ESP / ABS and airbags / tire pressure alarm has become standard or national mandatory standards, while air-conditioning / wiking, etc., comfortable and convenient, everyone has been here, even if there are 15,000 budget vehicles, there will be these configurations.

As a result, most of these devices were first applied to luxury cars, such as the 1996 Mercedes-Benz, the first ESP, 1970 ABS is quantified in Lincoln Continent.

In fact, logic is also very simple. The invention and experiments of these technologies must spend a lot of human material financial resources. First, it is first applied to luxury cars, one reflects the advancement of luxury cars, and can be used as possible to recover as possible through the premium of luxury cars Cost is developed in further technology.

Then, with the popularity of these technologies, applications in more models, benefiting more consumers, advanced technology is further achieved.

Standing at this point, it is the “IQ” of these luxury cars, on the one hand, meets the psychological needs of luxurious car consumers, and on the other hand, it has also promoted the advancement of technology.

In fact, similar situations occur in the pharmaceutical field, according to the provisions of the World Intellectual Property Organization, the patent validity period is 20 years after the application, and in accordance with the general cycle of drug development, the patented preservation period after the innovation drug is listed in 7-11 years. between. In general, drug companies will sell innovative drugs in higher prices during this period, and wait until the patent period, when the imitation drug is listed, drug companies will significantly reduce prices.

In the movie “I am not a drug god”, the same Indian imitation drug has only 10% of the new drug price. This is because in the production of drugs, India has a magical “patent mandatory license” system, simply if I think your price is too high, I can use it.

By the way, this country in India is definitely a master in proficiency of international rules such as WTO (probably the British truth).

We can say that life is invaluable, everyone is equal in front of life.

But we must also know that the cost of new drug research is huge, according to Tufts Center’s statistical report, currently developing a new drug cost is $ 2588 million.

In other words, if there is no new medicine to buy a single, it may be that there is no chance to use the imitation drug, which is very cruel, but it is true.

Of course, I was also moving flashing, among which “Quality Purchasing” is one of the tricks, or there is no more expensive diving price.

Fortunately, no luxury cars, there is no life.

So, the text is here, the readers do you say that the luxury car is a IQ tax?

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