HEI Norge: Interpretation of business model innovation, look forward to saving the sea

HEI Norge: Interpretation of business model innovation, look forward to saving the sea

On May 6, 202, it was a Norwegian strategy to entered the international market. Although it is not the first China New Force Company in the overseas market, Ai Chi and Xiaopeng have been delivered through the dealers in Europe through dealers, but it is the first to enter overseas markets in self-operated models. Chinese companies. In addition to the vehicle products, it is also announced that Nio House and the power-saving mode are brought into the European market. Therefore, the exquisite strategy of the exquisite in China has the first milestone for the first time in the development of developed countries in Western countries.

For a long time, Chinese companies have always been passive recipients and imitators of Western business models, lack of original business model innovation, and there is even more original business models, especially in high-end industrial products such as cars. Because of this, the domestic market has produced a lot of question in the sea of ​​business model. It is considered that the business model based on Chinese market experience is likely to not adapt to foreign market environment, and will not be recognized by Western consumers. Therefore, we need to explore what kind of innovation is achieved from the perspective of business model, what is the essence of these innovations, and whether it can adapt to foreign consumers’ needs, and therefore achieve business success.

The business model innovation is mainly concentrated in two aspects: the Nio House and the energy-end BAAS of the sales service end, together with the unique business model, so that it is different from other new forces and traditional auto companies.

Akilay Battery Rental Service (BAAS) is based on power-saving technologies. The owner can choose to rent a battery instead of purchasing, so saving the purchase cost, enhances the flexibility of consumers. Although it is not the primary of the power-saving technology, it is indeed the most active promoter of the global energy-saving mode, but also supports electricity exchange, but also in the country’s large-scale layout, in the field of electricity. The first strength is obvious. However, with the promotion mode in China and the support of government policy, more and more manufacturers have begun to adopt power-saving technologies, so there will be more brands in the future with the technical conditions of BAAS model, and I will see Baas in the long run. Will not be a unique skill, but a routine operation of the market.

As the power-saving mode has gradually emerged in the market, it has become more and more controversy and challenge of the exchange model in the market. For NIO House mode, the question in public opinion has long been dead. Therefore, the next author will discuss and interpret the innovation of the Nio House in business model. It is important to emphasize that these interpretation and analysis are made based on the limited knowledge of the author, and they are hung by one leakage. Only for readers.

Web 2.0 era

Web 2.0 refers to a network that is targeted by end users, emphasizing users to generate content, ease of use, participating in culture, and interoperability, and is called a participatory network or social network. The concept of Web 2.0 was first proposed by web designers and writer Darcy Dinucci in 1999, and gradually accepted from all walks of life. Although this concept is born in the West, with the promotion of the Internet in global, especially the rapid development of mobile Internet and social platforms in the past decade, most countries, including China, have already entered the Web 2.0 era.

In the Web 2.0 era, people’s various consumption behaviors are generally affected by Web 2.0. For example, Apple’s success in the smartphone industry In addition to the innovation of product and technology, Apple also knocked out the middle business link in the sales model, establishing a new concept of direct store Apple Store, so that users have the opportunity to experience Apple Products and corporate culture, and also interact with Apple’s professional marketing staff. Such business models undoubtedly cut the customer demand in the Web 2.0 era, so there is also a fan economic effect soon, and the number of “fruit powder” is rapidly in a global scale.

The new forces represented by Tesla are also using the commercial logic similar to Apple, bypass the dealer link in business direct mode, and achieve direct docking with users. At the same time, it also achieves technical and policy measures such as app, owners recommend award, to achieve a certain degree of communication, such as innovation in business models, has added a fire to the “rebellion” of traditional automobile industries. .

What is Nio House

Nio House is a new exhibition hall concept that subverts the traditional auto industry through the focus of the customer experience. Nio House is more than just a space specially showing brand models, but also provides customers with an opportunity to experience unique value and culture of car companies.

The above is the independent research institution of emerging markets and new technologies, INNOVATION IS EVERYWHERE for Nio House business model, which is not a beautiful word, referring to Nio House as a revolutionizes the traditional automotive sector, new concept, Very affirmative of this model’s business value.

More detailed to observe the specific practice of this mode, you can see the space provided by Nio House, providing users with a variety of surrounding services, and also integrating Nio Life’s brand peripheral items into it, creating full of exquisite design Feeling soft business ecology, users can feel deep-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-end-ended. product

The peripheral product ecology is created by Nio Life brand and cooperate with the world’s famous designers, design schools, and trend brands. The quality products launched have created clothing, luggage, home, diet, sports, outdoor, etc. A huge brand ecology has been formed. It is said that many officials will first purchase Nio Life brand products in Nio House when purchasing other consumer goods, and it can be seen that its product design and quality have reached a considerable level.


Wei Nio House is an important platform for providing customer service. For the owner, Nio House is an except for the Auto Show, which is also a bar, restaurant, classroom, children’s paradise, club and other functional space. With the space provided by Nio House, it will integrate many service content into it, but also allow the owner to make an appointment of private party activities, and provide planning, with auxiliary service, and even auxiliary service before the event. It can be very thoughtful. Many owners choose to hold birthday party in Nio House, and Nio House is a choice when some male owners marriage marriage, so Nio House also witnessed many of the important moments of many car owners.

In addition to the service of Nio House, there is also a sound content service NIO RADIO. This service is directed to the needs of the broadcasting of the broadcast, encouraging users to participate in the production of program content, and provide points to listen to the program, many owners say that they only listen to Nio Radio, visible this service is still very attached welcome.


The social buildings of the awareness are also extremely diverse, including the owners of different circles, and the public class forum activities based on the common industry areas, and there are also outdoor travel activities based on outdoor travel activities in common hobbies. Participate in the car owners’ volunteer team NIO User Volunteer, the car owners of the company. Through the personal participation and sharing of the community, a more close interactive relationship and trusting link is established between the owner. It is said that there is still a case where it is originally borrowed between the car owners, this is currently unbelievable.

In addition to the community of the owner, it is also actively participating in and supports electric vehicle sports, including the NIO 333 racing electric equation fleet that has been sold but retains the brand, as well as the China University Student Electric Formula Competition. . Around these events and fleets, the new Juanlai fan ring is formed, and the funding for China’s student electric square contests even provides technical talent reserves.

Based on the three aspects of the product, service, and community for the Nio House mode, we can see the user needs satisfying the Nio House mode to emphasize the spirit of users, self-expression, participation, and sharing of users. Highly fit, is a business model belonging to this era.

Nio House is an innovation in business model?

Although I have learned so many Nio House’s business elements, we still have a concern. If Nio House is only to meet the characteristics of the times, it seems not enough to be called business model innovation, and this is to Tus What is the difference between commercial innovation achieved by direct storage store? To answer this question, we must further explore the business value and innovation meaning representing the Nio House model from the development of the car marketing model.

We can see that in the store model of 1.0, the merchant basically does not have brand service professional, and its purpose is to sell products, so there is basically no consideration in the user experience. It has reached the 2.0 dealer 4S shop model, and the professionalism of brand service begins. The company began to consider the experience of the car owner. For example, in the customer waiting, there is a comfortable tea break, some luxury brand dealers will come to buy cars. Customers provide free exquisite meals, but this is the ultimate of this service model, without changing product-centric business models. The innovation of Tesla Showroom mode is to turn off the intermediate link, so that car companies are directly connected to users. On the one hand, they can provide customers with more professional, customized services, and on the other hand, it can be faster and more accurate. Perceived the demand changes in the market end, thus achieving a significant increase in user experience. However, this mode is still based on the product, and all service items are carried out around the product and product use itself.

The most essential difference between Tesla Showroom model is to change the product-centric business model, incorporate users in the product and product usage in their own business ecology, realize real Use the user-centered user experience “promotion”. In fact, in terms of product-centric user experience, Tesla’s model has realized the maximization of the user experience on the technical level. When the technical conditions are constant, it is not too large. Improve space, the user experience in this area is not essentially different from Tesla. Nio House’s true advantage of Tesla Showroom is the service content of innovation, leisure, hobby, dating, parent-child interaction, learning improvement, etc., the satisfaction of these needs is not off. The automotive product is the real convenience of the user’s car choice, which is the organic component of the user’s purchase experience. Standing on the height of the brand, it is provided to the user to include both average car product, which also includes a single way of lifestyle of the various products and services provided by Nio House. The US users also value the value of these customer service and paying attention to it, and the owners are kindly called Nio House as “cattle house”, often with family and friends. It is also used as a selling point with “the success rate of cattle homes”, and the brand value and culture is spread with emotions. This is indeed anchone in the auto industry. There is no branch. In this sense, although many new forces and even traditional cars are defined as user companies, but from the product or user-centered perspective, it is a company that is really practicing “user enterprise” concept. As a new force company with Internet genes, Xiaopeng has a keen awareness of the value of this business model, and thus the first to follow up, providing customers with a surrounding commodity and service similar to Kairai by establishing a flagship store. Xiaopeng creates peripheral items through the XPlore brand, working with designers and fashion brands, launched a series of co-branded clothing, luggage, food, outdoor products, and electronic products, etc., and also organize each by the “Peng Youhui” platform. Class riders activities, try to imitate the innovative model of the propanage to create a service ecology with its own brand characteristics. At recent recent, Xiaopeng’s top headline official account released an animated video “Adult’s Lego World! This is also a lady is funny,” to create Xiaopeng electric cars and flying cars with Lego toys, telling a new exploration and construction new The story of the world. It is currently not known whether Xiaopeng will launch a series of toys with Xiaopeng Automotive, expanded the surrounding merchandise spectrum of Xiaopeng, and involved in the field of content production. However, this video itself has passed the brand value information such as “Technology”, “Exploration”, “Interesting”, tried to build a brand-style style that is uniquely characteristic.

Talking about the advantages of this model, is there no shortcomings in this mode? At present, Nio House model is the most public opinion. It is to expand the loss of the company. It is simple to say that it is not to make money. Especially considering that it is a long-term loss of the new company, it is inevitable that there is a surrounding product and services in the flower. Don’t work hard. In the 2020 financial report, the wool loss of other sales projects was about 53.33 million yuan, and the other operating losses were about 610.2 million yuan, although it is not clear that the surrounding commodity services specifically account for a large proportion in the overall loss, it is obviously not to make money. . However, in modern commercial society, there is no valuable thing that can be free, and it is clear that high-end car brands will also need to be in large investment. From a global perspective, it is the warpage in China’s new forces in China’s new forces, and the average delivery price is more than 430,000 yuan. It is the highest in all Chinese brands, even more than many Traditional foreign luxury brands. The reason why it is possible to support such market prices to a certain extent, but also benefit from the brand value brought by Nio House mode. As a relatively independent business, the peripheral items and service sectors in Nio House mode can achieve their own profit, but should not use their key factors that measure the success of the entire brand, Nio House mode is undoubtedly a common business ecology. Positive and constructive strength.

Exceeding of the sea

Since the first stop of the sea, it has begun to explore this topic, especially the electric car enthusiasts in Europe, especially European electric car enthusiasts, and discuss this topic. The subject’s subjective feeling of observing foreign countries is quite active in foreign countries, and many people express their mood for visiting Oslo Nio House and buying the awareness, and there is also a sound to understand. What is the difference between services and in China. In fact, from the perspective of consumers, this reaction is very normal. After all, I will not buy it is a matter, and some choices are always good. Moreover, it is also very competitive in the world, technology, service, and brand culture worldwide, so there will be a corresponding audience.

German consulting company DONGXII founder and CEO Marcel Münch, in its own media program, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Germany Co., Ltd., which is also the owner of the ES8, and the owner of ES8. According to him, he is talking about the first German owner of the German owner. The two sides explore the prospects of the proposing products and services, as well as how to look at Wei to enter the European market from the perspective of Europeans. In the interview, Mr. Schlenstedt expressed its very satisfying experience for our actual experience in product design, manufacturing quality, and customer service. Mr. Münch refers to the experience of his test drive. He said that as a German, the ES8, which is averaged, so it is very optimistic about the success of the European market. When asked if the power-saving mode is suitable for Europe, Mr. Schlenstedt said that there is a lot of choices to be good, especially if they can use the exchange energy during long-distance high-speed driving, will greatly save time, improve test drive Experience. At the same time, the power transmission mode not only makes the battery’s maintenance more convenient, but also has the advantage of upgrading, so it will be welcomed in Europe. Regarding whether the Nio House mode is successful in Europe, Mr. Schlenstedt said that he saw that the surrounding goods of the awareness have a good design and quality, but he is not much attention to this, and there is not much experience in community activities. But he thinks this is a future development direction, although he is not sure whether it will succeed in Europe, but it is worth trying. The author also observed many VLOGs released in China’s existing foreign owners. They have generally respond to the Nio House’s services. Many bloggers also recommend their favorite food, dessert, etc., and think many Foreigners will also like it, I believe that these will add more than the road to the sea.

According to the information released by the official website of the Norway, a one-button power-on and charging vehicle service will not be introduced into Norway. This is also very well understood, because of the high cost, many services that rely on artificial delivery in Norway and other European countries must have a need to explore new service models in Europe. The procurement of the Violence of the Vetero, Qin Lihong also said that it will also provide more self-service in Europe while facing the media, and will also adjust customer service according to local market regulations and folk culture.

We can also observe the influence of Weilai from a small side. In the field of automotive design in overseas, many practitioners and students have published design works with the awareness of the awareness, and the number of these works is much more, which can be founded in the amount of Bitsra. Design and brand style adjustments have had a certain influence in the professional design. In addition, since it is already listed in US stocks since 2018, it has been in the US stocks, and it has also attracted a large number of overseas private investors, and many social media platforms overseas. These investors have formed a number of Weilai


The new power of China is undoubtedly a group of the most open popular spirit in the China Automobile Industry. They brought the new technology revolutionary opportunity for a hundred years, bravely entering the unfamiliar field, for backward The 100-year-old Chinese auto industry brings an unprecedented opportunity. To achieve the world’s leading dream, “go out” is a compulsory course for new forces. As an electric car practitioner in overseas, I sincerely hope that China’s electric car will be able to win the flag in overseas markets, and the author is also looking forward to the motor vehicle owner of a Chinese brand as soon as possible. It can see Chinese brand electric cars.

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