Electricity and Honeywell Accelerated R & D Electric Aircraft Promotion System

Electricity and Honeywell Accelerated R & D Electric Aircraft Promotion System

Japanese electricity and US Honeywell signed a cooperation agreement in the business sector of the electric aircraft propulsion system, including the development, design, production, sales and after-sales service of electric aircraft propulsion systems. The two companies first invest in air traffic such as air taxi and freight machines, and are being promoted, and the project is planned to implement the flight experiment of electric aircraft propulsion system in 2022.

At the moment, with the development of MAAS technology, mobile travel is also more diverse. Due to urban traffic congestion and therefore generated carbon dioxide emissions, traffic travel problems in the population, the electric aircraft is a new mobile travel method to solve these topics All aspects of attention.

The electricity has published a declaration of carbon-neutralization before 2035, and launched carbon neutralization in three areas of “moving travel products” “mobile travel products” “energy utilization”. Especially in the field of “mobile travel products”, the technology brand “ELEXCORE / Ruiki nuclei” aimed at achieving mobile travel electricity is launched, and contributes to the reduction in environmental burden.

This time, the electric assembly further strengthened cooperation in the joint R & D agreement in 2019 and started the business of electric aircraft promotion systems. Honeywell has had a hundred years of experience in the aviation technology development field, and combined with comprehensive technical strength grinded in the automotive technology development field in 70 years, strong telecommunications to develop electric aircraft promotion system products EPU * . In particular, the electric assembly further enhances the value of the aircraft, further enhancing the value of the air travel, and develops high efficiency high-performance inverters with magnetic circuit, high output motors, and built-in SiC (silicon carbide power components).

Electric assembly uses the electric technology and high-quality product technology cultivated by the automobile field to new fields in the air-driven travel, and synchronizes the high output, high efficiency, lightweight, lightweight, high-efficiency, lightweight in the aviation industry. The technology is bombed to the automotive field, and the global environment continues to make efforts through many mobile behaviors.

* EPU: EPU: ELECTRIC PROPULSION UNIT brief. Electric drive unit composed by motor and inverter

◇ EPU (Electric Propulsion Unit)

EPU products developed by electricity and Honeywell (equipped with two wings in the plane

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