How long does Tesla have “brake” in China?

How long does Tesla have “brake” in China?

On April 19, Shanghai Auto Show Tesla “Brake Failure” incident has been in the past month, and the news of Tesla is boiling around Tesla, and the sales quantity of Tesla has also encountered an urgent “brake”. .

So, how long does it take to tech in China?

Time to do some, see the past, consider the future trend, can understand that you can not fear the clouds.

This article talks about Tesla from the following points:

1 “Brake failure” what is going on?

2 Currently, who is China and Tesla do you need?

3 China and Tesla in the next 10 years

About 2,300 words in full text, 5 minutes.

What is the PART01 brake failure?

It is time to teach the technological big cattle, and strive to translate the language of the technical expert into a large white dialect that I have such a technique.

Brake failure or single pedal mode, the core is the parameter setting problem of Tesla energy recovery system.

When the current party meets the situation, the feet leave the electric door (when powerful), the degree of deceleration and the setting of the energy recovery system are related. If the powerful energy is recovered, the car slows down very fast, then do not step on the brakes, decelerate The effect is also very good, usually the driver will basically do not need to step on the brake.

If the energy reclaimed parameter setting is relatively gentle, when a better deceleration effect is needed, it is necessary to make a foot brake pedal to further brake.

Since Tesla’s energy recovery parameters are set very strong, Tesla’s owners do not have to turn on the pedal pedal, which is the so-called single pedal mode.

Emphasize that Tesla does not have a brake pedal, just in this energy recovery mode.

In this past mode, the driver forms a habit, even muscle forming memory. When there is an emergency, the braking force of energy recovery is not enough, and when the owner is in the brake pedal, it is very unfortunate. Since the driver is used to the electric door, it is basically no brake pedal, which is very likely that the owner is stepped on. On the electric door, the tragedy has occurred.

Are you gone?

Of course, the easiest way is to modify the parameter settings of the recycled energy, and can be done by OTA.

Just, the current state of Tesla is to strengthen “consumer education”, and consumers should adapt to new driving patterns.

Similarly, let the bullet fly for a while, although Mask’s consistent style is “I am the best, you will listen to me.”

However, don’t forget that he is also a businessman, I believe he will fix his decisions according to Tesla in China.

The capitalist is there is no national boundary. Zachberg can run in Beijing Tiananmen in the smog winter, Mask can dance in Shanghai, China, and is also the crust into the people “performance artists.”

Part02 is currently, Chinese and Tesla who need anyone more

The Chinese government is not to pay attention to Tesla. Second, all the green lights built a Shanghai factory in Shanghai, and quickly formed a production supply capacity of 500,000 production. Third, Zhongnanhai Ziguang Pavilion is quite high in the meeting of Li Xiang, rare, Li Xiang actually took a salt.

You know, before this, the biggest big customers of Li Xiangqi salt can be China high-speed rail.

So why is the Chinese government attaches Tesla?

l With Tesla to drive the entire industrial chain, enabling companies on the entire industrial chain to form a scale economy as soon as possible and reduce the overall industrial chain cost.

l On the basis of this industrial chain cost, support the development of domestic new energy vehicles.

l In 2018, China-US relations were intricate, expressed, and continued to change the determination and signal, while differentiation restricts different capital forces in the United States.

So, how important China is Tesla?

U The largest auto market (including new energy vehicles), the Chinese people have to have the world, and the Chinese people suffer from the world.

U China’s powerful manufacturing capabilities, especially cost management capabilities, but also support Shanghai factory not only supply to the Chinese market, but also serves global

In short, this is a relatively typical American leading 0-1 R & D innovation + China 1-100 powerful manufacturing capabilities and cost management model, and the past is in the 0-1 stage, many companies in China have also layout a lot of resources and Instrumentation, in other words, China introduced Tesla in this way, on the one hand, quickly utilizing the manufacturing advantage of 1-100, and complementing the short plate of 0-1, forming a complete competitiveness.

That is, the two sides have taken, mutual dependence, mutual benefit and win-win.

This is different from cooperation in the field of traditional fuel trains, market change technology, market exchange, technology has not changed.

This cooperation, the market, exchanged the maturity and competitiveness of the industrial chain, with the foundation and soil of this industrial chain, China’s brand will grow in a short time. We are a part of the market, but in exchange for the leading position in the change in the world’s automotive pattern, in exchange for the success of “Change Racing”. (Specific discussion reference to the “Change Racing” China Harbor – Shanghai Che Exhibition Side)

Part03 China and Tesla in the next 10 years

Let’s take a look at the current World Auto Pattern Who is the ear? Who is the biggest beneficiary?

The answer is the BBA in Europe and Japan, the Volkswagen Toyota and the luxury car, the United States, the United States, the United States, the Ford’s defect, China’s brand in the rearview mirror.

Although China is the world’s largest auto market, it is basically a foreign brand world.

Then in the future, there is no doubt that China is the most motivated to change existing layout. First, the needs of energy security, the second is the “Change Racing” seizes the needs of technology and market.

Secondly, similar to Mask is also a strong motivation to create a new situation and subvert the old forces. First, establish the glorious banner of the environmental concept, and the other is the real interest.

That is, 10 years later, the new energy car market is the largest player and winner in China, not the current European and Japan.

Who is our friend, who is our enemy, this is the first thing to figure out.

In the next 10 years, the Chinese government and its representatives have a new energy car and Tesla face traditional forces, and more should be cooperation.

As of the aforementioned analysis, Tesla drives industry chain, and the industrial chain drives domestic new energy vehicles.

So, some people are worried that there will be the scene of the fuel car in the new energy car field, that is, Tesla, an exclusive show, accounting for most markets?

In fact, this fear is excessive, simply, technology Shang Tesla has no absolute advantage, especially after Huawei Baidu Apple, these giants are bigger players. In other words, in the core of the unmanned drive, China has an advantage, but Europe is basically available in Japan.

And no driving is the core chapter of this “100-year big changes”.

In addition, there is no doubt that Mask’s aura will harvest some groups, but it is still over the controlled range of the Chinese government.

Therefore, you can boldly predict that before the liberation of the two-handed unmanned driving, the Chinese market may “a lot of strongest”, but it will never be “a branch”.

Therefore, Tesla is recently established in China.

A “brake failure” makes Tesla in China can brake for a few months, and the Chinese government has changed the various skills of braking and acceleration for decades.

Don’t forget, just that only cars are running, roads and traffic lights are basic supporting facilities, encounter red lights, brakes or step, Tesla is no exception.

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