BMW BMW i4 announces the sale of the United States, does not Biteslava?

BMW BMW i4 announces the sale of the United States, does not Biteslava?

On June 2, 2021, BMW officially announced two pure electric I4 US version pricing and listing time – in the first quarter of 2022.

I4 EDRIVE40 and I4 M50. The i4 m50 is the first pure electric performance model of the BMW M system. At the same time, two models of life, elegant design, cutting-edge user interface and driving assistance technology.

In March last year, BMW has launched its pure electric i4 sedan, and its battery life is expected to reach 500 km. After the introduction of pure electric BMW I3 in 2013, the public believes that it will quickly follow up into the research and development and market development of pure tram type such as BMW I4, I5, but the fact is not the case. BMW uses 7 years to bring another pure electric car BMW IX3 to the market, and most of IX3 is from China. The release of I4 allows us to look forward to the new generation of Daren BMW pure electric cars.

For i4, the appearance is more aggressive, it is better to see the small compilation, and the aesthetics will vary from person to person.

For BMW, only pay attention to the appearance, you can’t call it, you must pay attention to the connotation. Sustainability is an indispensable part of the new BMW i4 design concept, from material purchase to the production of I4 itself, and then re-use of future components. Every step of the value chain is carefully studied to reduce the carbon footprint of I4 to the absolute low level.

Two models have been launched in this time:

I4 EDRIVE40 and I4 M50

I4 EDRIVE40 uses a single motor driving system to provide 335 hp and about 500km endurance mileage. The power system of electric vehicles is provided by the latest fifth generation EDRIVE technology in BMW, and all electrical systems and batteries are connected to a monolithic unit. The total energy of the battery is 83.9 kWh, the net energy is 81.5 kWh. I4 EDRIVE40 current pricing is $ 55,400 (about 350,000 yuan), compared to the start price of about 360,000 in the domestic price of the BMW 4 Series Fuji, if domestic can be listed, sales expectation.

The i4 M50 is the first pure electric performance model from BMW M. EV is equipped with a dual motor AWD power system with a power of 536 horsepower, but unfortunately the EPA endless mileage is only 400km. Variable motion steering is the standard configuration of I4 M50, and also an optional upgrade of EDRIVE40. As for pricing, BMW i4 M50 starts at $ 65,900 (about 420,000 yuan),

The two versions of I4 will be equipped with BMW IDRIVE 8, which is a new generation of displays, controls, and software, managed by powerful connection and data processing. This includes large dashboard displays and HUD. In terms of interior, mutting wood patterns still maintained the quality of the tremendous stable and light luxury texture, equipped with large electronic large screens, and successfully contracted electric technology. Full of technology.

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