Is the price of 50-800,000? Why is I still optimistic about BYD’s high-end brand?

Is the price of 50-800,000? Why is I still optimistic about BYD’s high-end brand?

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Introduction: The high-end development of autonomous brands is a pair of consumption trends and economic benefits. In the context of consumption upgrade, seeking a breakthrough in the high-end market has become an inevitable choice of quality car companies, and it is also the way to improve its own product matrix to achieve scale efficiency.

In recent years, in the context of consumer ideology changes and self-owned brand technical strength, “brand rushing” has once again lively.

From the actual performance, including the Great Wall Wey, Geely, Changan’s UNI, Wei Si, Hongqi has achieved full growth in the past few years, successfully confirmed the possibility of independent brands.

So, when BYD was exposed to release a new high-end brand, there was not so much surprised.

On May 31, in BYD Chongqing High-rise Communication Conference, Li Yunfei, general manager of BYD Automobile Brand and Public Relations, revealed that this year will release a new high-end model in the fourth quarter of this year.

Several key information: New cars are expected to be priced at 500,000 to 800,000, EV2.0 platform is built, independent of BYD operation, and use independent teams and independent sales networks.

There are two benefits from the original brand “other stove”, one, no longer limited to traditional car enterprises, detachment, no longer carrying the foot chain dancing, the efficiency is more extreme; second, reduce consumers The first concept is the main concept, avoiding the previous brand to support the dilemma of high-end image.

In addition, the new car price is expected to be between 50-800,000. If it comes to break the ceilings of the domestic autonomous high-end brand transaction price, the luxury car brand released by Wilsen from the previous research institution is coming in Look, the first self-owned brand is a free, the average price of the transaction is 426,300.

So where is the advantage of the high-end brand of Yadi, I think there are two points.

The first is the technology, BYD has always been a technology known company, the blade battery released last year, breaks through the self-ignition problem of the power battery, the change of IGBT technology, and breaks the monopoly of foreign companies; the only enterprise mastering the core technology , Its latest car E platform, is a leading industry.

Technology, it can be said that BYD is the biggest relief.

On the other hand, BYD has now had a very rich experience. Now the BYD Han, BYD Tang, and the price range have long been 20-3 million, and the model has always been in a hot-selling state, which is enough to explain consumers. It has default BYD’s brand that can support this price.

Moreover, the most important point, next 10 years of track will be focused in electricization, and the accumulation of BYD in the electric vehicle sector is more deep than other brands, in 2020, BYD has reached 427,000 year sales, of which The new energy model has reached 189,600 annual sales, and it has been close to half of the total sales.

Therefore, compared to other other brands in this slightly strange battlefield, BYD’s high-end brands are more like a technically sharp innovation in the familiar business, seeking high quality breakout.

Success, it is naturally more close to BYD.

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