BMW releases “Wang Bi”: Can IX and I4 began to start a day in the BMW electric era?

BMW releases “Wang Bi”: Can IX and I4 began to start a day in the BMW electric era?

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Yesterday, that is, 6.2, BMW released two pure electric new car – iX and i4, the new car is expected to officially open global delivery in November.

In the current form, BMW is undoubtedly the footsteps of electrification transformation. If it is calculated that the IX and I4 models released yesterday, there is already three pure tramphones including BMW IX3 now.

So can a new car can play, can it represent BMW latest electric technology? This is our theme today.

First of all, BMW IX is divided into two versions, which are BMW IX XDrive40 and BMW ix XDrive50. On the most core three-power system, the former uses a dual motor, the maximum power is 240kW, the maximum horsepower 326, with 76.6kWh capacity (71KWH) Select) the battery, the maximum battery life has reached 425km (WLTP), and the zero hundred acceleration scores are as long as 6.1s.

The latter is more powerful in the motor and battery capacity, and WLTP is up to 630km, and it can accelerate a hundred kilometers of 4.6 seconds.

In terms of intelligence, BMW IX is equipped with 5 cameras, 5 millimeter-wave radar and 12 ultrasound radar, and promoted the hardware to reach the standard of L3, but due to regulations, there is no need to upgrade through OTA, now overall It is still L2.

From the perspective of various parameters, the closest is undoubtedly 蔚 来 ES8, simple contrast can be found, the advantage of BMW IX model is that the other is long, otherwise, whether the body size is or intelligent, can only say the difference Large, on the same horizontal line.

In addition, BMW promotional L3 hardware is embedded. I think it is also inaccurate. From the sensor to see this is still a standard L2-level sensor, such as Xiaopeng P7 and other models are not different, in realization of L3 automatic On the most critical laser radar on the driving, I didn’t see it.

Suppose the price of IX models is in the same price range in the same price range, and it does not find the best of the brand of the brands, but there is no difference in product power.

Another new car BMW I4 prototype was in fact, the Beijing Auto Show last year passed, this mass production car reduced the design language of the concept car, the short-front and rear hanging, fine side beam, frameless door and streamlined shed At a glance, I know that it is a coupe model.

On the core of the three-power system, the BMW I4 EDRIVE40 model uses a single motor drive (rear drive), the maximum output is 250kW, the endless mileage is 590km, and the 100 km can get 5.7s.

It is worth noting that BMW’s M high performance department also launched a performance model -i4 M50: maximum 544 hp power, peak torque 795n · m, and zero hundred acceleration only 3.9 seconds.

In terms of intelligence, BMW I4 is basically consistent with IX, but we will explain more.

Compared to BMW IX, BMW I4 needs more competitors in the face, including 蔚 来 ET7, Porsche Taycan Turbo S, Audi RS E-TRON GT, Tesla Model S Plaid + and other models, from this performance comparison In view, BMW I4 does not have too much outstanding advantages.

So the biggest possible to determine the trend of BMW I4 sales, or price, the current BMW announced the US market price, conversion into RMB, about 353,500 yuan, if domestic sales can be kept within this range, For other competitions, it is indeed a high price.

But we also know that this is impossible, especially before domestic!

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