China Electric Motors 100 People Zhang Yongwei Vice Chairman receives Japanese visit group

China Electric Motors 100 People Zhang Yongwei Vice Chairman receives Japanese visit group

On the morning of May 13, Mr. Zhaoshan, Chairman and General Manager of Sanjing Plastic Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Chairman and General Manager of Nikang Electronic Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhun, Mr. Zhun, Roma Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The general manager of the market department, Yu Shi, from Mr. Hong, was visited by China Electric Motors. Chairman and Secretary General of China Electric Motors and Zhang Yongwei, such as the Secretary-General.

Sanjing Plastic Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a foreign investment company established in 2003 by Sanjing Property Co., Ltd., Sanjing Property (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. and Sanjing Property (China) Co., Ltd.. The company is mainly engaged in the import and export, bonded and domestic sales business of functional materials (synthetic resin raw materials, products, inorganic chemicals, etc.), cutting-edge materials (electronic materials, etc.). In recent years, there have been a number of automotive industry related companies in China.

Nichicon (Nichicon) was founded in 1950. It is an excellent capacitor development and manufacturer of Japan, mainly to carry out three core undersiscies such as “aluminum electrolytic capacitor”, “thin film capacitors”, “circuit products”. In 2020, Nikang Co., Ltd. was successfully put into production in China’s Suqian film capacitor project, and also the first thin film capacitor production line of the Nikkone Group in Japan.

Roma Semiconductor Group (ROHM) was established in 1958, mainly producing IC / LSI, power devices, separating components, optical components and other products. Compared to conventional silicon devices, silicon carbide (SiC) devices have become a candidate device that has a low-loss semiconductor feasible semiconductor due to low conduction resistance characteristics and excellent high frequency, high frequency and high voltage performance. In addition, SIC makes designers to reduce components, thereby further reducing the complexity of design. Roma is in advanced position in the development of SIC power components and modules, which achieve better energy-saving effects in many industries in many industries.

The vice chairman of Zhang Yongwei, China Electric Motor, introduced the main work and tasks of hundreds of people, especially in the study of the study, international innovation center, supply chain platform, etc., new business platforms, and visit groups.

Zhang Yongwei, deputy chairman, said that in the process of automobile electricity, intelligentization, one of the important tasks this year is to promote new products, new technologies enter the market as soon as possible, help automotive enterprises technology innovation, help crossoverers faster Enter the automotive industry. China’s automotive industry’s manufacturing level has increased, but there is also a gap in new parts and materials. Japan has a deep foundation in the development of vehicle and components, and materials, and I hope to strengthen technical exchange between China and Japan, improve the technical level and manufacturing level of China’s auto parts industry, and promote industrial technological advancement.

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