Fudi dynamics, Tesla, Muslim technology, Northern Auto, Sunshine Power, and Power SiC Electronic Control

Fudi dynamics, Tesla, Muslim technology, Northern Auto, Sunshine Power, and Power SiC Electronic Control

In new energy automotive energy conversion applications, the topic of power devices is getting hotter. Many car companies and parts suppliers are seeking best materials that enhance the power-driven system efficiency. Silicon carbide (SiC) is a power semiconductor material that is particularly valued in recent years.

SIC adheres to the advantages of material properties, compared to the lower loss of silicon (Si)-based semiconductors, higher temperature resistance. When it is used for inverters, it can bring more efficient, higher power density, smaller and more pressure to the application. These are the research efforts of new energy vehicles in improving the electric drive system.

So which can’t have a production or test of SiC electronic control, what is the effect? This article has a simple inventory for this. Due to limited information, the author cannot list all, and hope to get the supplement.

Tesla Model 3 SiC Control

The motor 3 of Model 3 becomes an embedded permanent magnet synchronous motor from the original induction motor, and the cooling method is also cooled from water to oil cooling to reduce the size and improve efficiency. The inverter achieves miniaturization by using the new power module of SiC (silicon carbide).

The entire power module unit consists of a single tube module, using a standard 6 switch inverter topology, each switch consisting of 4 single tube modules, a total of 24 single tube modules, and the device withstand voltage is 650V.

The APC has developed the power SiC MOSFET module package applied to Model 3. The APC is a company established in 2010, and the early stage focuses on packaging development and sample design business.

Beiqi SiC Electronic Control with Real Trial

In August 2020, the third-generation semiconductor SiC motor controller is equipped with the real car, which is about to complete the summer high temperature test in Turpan, and carry out the mileage reliability test and the winter high-reassurance test, and the SiC material controller is extremely in extreme Further verification of reliability in the environment. Subsequent, Beiqi new energy will also carry out mileage reliability tests and high-precipitation and reliability tests in winter.

At present, the SiC controller switching frequency developed by Northern Automobile has been raised from the first 10kHz to 25kHz. The controller power reaches 220KW power level. Under the boundary of the mass production product, the controller reaches 43KW / l or more power density, the highest Efficiency is raised from 98.5% to 99.2%. In the whole vehicle technology, only one measures of the SIC controller is optimized, and the NEDC efficiency of the whole vehicle will increase 3 percentage points.

Sunshine power supply single tube parallel SiC Electronic Control

Sunshine Power is announced in May 2020 that its independently developed vehicle full SiC motor controller successfully truck trial operation. This electronic control is based on the parallel technology of discrete devices. According to official information, this controller has advantages such as lower loss, higher efficiency, better control performance and more excellent NVH characteristics compared to electronic controls using Si devices, with a maximum efficiency of 99.4%, in function Safety meets the ASIL-C level.

Xinberg Warner uses silicon carbide VIPER power switch

Delphi Technology, New Borg Warner, will introduce an inverter based on SiC chip. Its core is Viper power switch, high integration, and has a unique double-sided water-cooled package. These characteristics make the SiC inverter by 40%, compact by 30%. Double-sided cooling packaging technology can be compatible with two power semiconductors of SiC and SiC (silicon carbide), which can provide two options for SiC MOSFET and Si-based IGBT without changing the external mechanical size of the inverter, so that the main plant can Flexible adjustment of production assignments based on market demand.

Jimei second generation high efficiency electric drive platform

Wei Si ET7 is equipped with a new second-generation high-efficiency electric drive platform, and the SiC power module, the energy consumption and performance of the whole vehicle are further optimized.

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